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This is a fire up February tip I wanted to share with you, to give you some mindful tips to help you get February moving in the right direction.

I always find January a weird month, everybody makes resolutions and by the end of the 1st week of January most people have given up on them or even not even started them. But most certainly 90% of people by the end of January have not even reached anywhere near their initial aspirations, let alone continuing with their resolutions into February.

February is widely known as the goal and resolution killer, so, what I want to do is drop a few little ninja tips just to get you thinking about things that are going on and getting your mind straight.

Think about this, ‘Life is happening for you, not to you.’ I think we’re all feeling quite dismayed now with the way things are going, what with lockdown, we’re still in the ravage of this pandemic, so I really wanted to give you a little kind of boost to say, you know what, if we could try and change some of the language which we’re using and think about ‘life is happening for us and not to us’ because as soon as we accept that we are going to be a victim of something, we retract back in and allow it to happen.

But how do we know that the situation that we are in is not going to present us with better opportunities to do something that we really wanted to do? Something that we never would have tried before if we were not put in this extreme scenario.

Now, all the time we are looking at things again, this is not working out, this has been taken away from us, I cannot do this, I cannot do that, oh my God is the world going to end. IF you can step back and change the language you are using, try, and make one small shift and try to say ‘life is happening for us. Not to us’ Then you should be able to find significant little droplets of joy or positivity that will help us to say you know what? Because of the pandemic you may have learnt a new skill due to lockdown. You may have done something that you would have never been able to do before such as exercising, as previously you were having to travel into work by public transport, wasting hours at time on a train or a bus.

So just a little sound bite because we want to fire up February and I am sure you do not want to limp through the month thinking, oh my God, you know, January is over, and February is nearly over too.

Use this month to kickstart yourself again and get those goals going, keep those resolutions up and keep on track, go fire up February.