Are you an artist, illustrator, animator or creative who dreams of launching or growing their online business and earn a living doing what you love

Do you find yourself getting frustrated about not knowing how you would actually go about setting up your own creative business or if you already have taken that first step, then lying awake at night worrying about where your next paid job might come from?

Would you like to be able to stop feeling like this! and finally learn the knowledge, skills and industry secrets from someone who has been exactly where you are? Someone who now owns and still operates multiple highly successful creative businesses working with some of the biggest brand clients in the world like Nike, Puma, Sony, Konami, VW, Coca Cola, Nintendo to name just a few.

If the answer is YES!!! to any of the above questions, then I urge you to stay with me as I have exactly what you need to move forward to the next level!

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Here's What You'll Get In 'Go From Zero To Creative Pro'

What I’m going to share with you my ‘Master Strategy’ that has enabled me to build, multiple, six figure turnover creative companies and also get the opportunities of working with some of the biggest global brands in the world. I will teach you how to use these techniques to launch or grow your own Creative Business whilst creating the ‘Next Level Of You!’


Learn what ‘Novices & Pros’ do differently and how you can start to apply this to your new business right away. Learn how to value and tier your services to create a steady, reliable stream of sales that can not only win you new clients and commissions, but also generate a passive income in the form of ‘royalties, self-publishing and usage’ and hence monetize your assets for the future, giving you a income year on year that you can earn while you sleep.


Discover the 4 Ms’ Of Mastery process, which will make it simple and easy for every creative minded person like you to find your confidence and knowledge to accelerate your business. And once you have clarity in what your niche is and who your ideal clients are it will move you out of ‘overwhelm and confusion’ to enable you to start selling your services within 30 days after completing the course


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Join and Learn from a community of like-minded creatives on the private Creative Warrior Mindset Facebook Group.  From the group page you will be able to discuss ideas, seek advice, learn new skills, find out what’s working, get additional ninja tips and industry developments, plus discover a new creative family.

Marketing Tactics

Market your own creativity effectively and avoid the classic mistakes that all start-ups make without being cheesy, pushy or coming off like a used car salesman. Build a huge list of followers using simple ‘Giving Posts’ which convert your followers to raving fans and then clients. And then learn to leverage the power of online marketing and ‘word of mouth’ advertising utilising your own unique creative content as collateral to promote with making more sales with ‘ Zero ’ Advertising expense.


Learn how to stop listening to your own self-limiting beliefs and get the courage to finally GO FOT IT! By developing an ‘Unstoppable Creative Warrior Mindset’ that will teach you how to focus in on your own creative skills and how to harness them to direct you towards success and finally start ‘living the life you deserve’ and on your own terms … believe me this not only applies to your business life but it applies to your personal life too.

Secrets & Tips

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Learn the things that the creative industry doesn’t want you to know…. because they are your competition and will want to hold you back in a place of fear or uncertainty.  Learn your ‘Unfair Advantage’ that will turbo boost your business launch to success.

A Creative's Story

It was 2006, and I had been fortunate enough to have worked in the Creative Industry since leaving art college 14 years prior.  I had manged to achieve a highly respected reputation in many creative circles, through my relentless grit and determination (okay you got me….working like a dog!!).  However, I found my-self stuck in a toxic environment which was slowly killing me (literally!)

I could see my dreams of living a life, which was supposed to be fulfilled and full of creativity, being gradually eroded away.

I was surrounded by people that took everything and gave nothing in return and were masters of manipulation. They made me feel that I was not experienced enough, not talented enough and had too much to lose if I went it alone to pursue my own passion.

Believe me! I was just about to give it all up and settle for the limiting life I was living and accept where I was, in a job that I hated, because even though I was miserable and most days didn’t even have the desire to get out of bed in the morning to go and deal with another soul destroying day, this was familiar and a less risky option than becoming my own boss and doing things in a better way.

Now, I’m going to make an assumption, YOU have been here too … and like me all you ever wanted to do when you were younger was to have a job where you could use your creativity?

My passion was always drawing and painting (and ironically after 25 years, I have finally picked up a paintbrush and started painting again this year and I’m loving it) 

I was surrounded by well-meaning friends and family who were not creative and  ‘didn’t get it’ and would say… “why go and do arty stuff there’s no future in it … that is not a career it’s a hobby, why don’t you go and learn a ‘proper’ trade or profession… you should become an electrician or plumber or doctor or accountant or lawyer!”

Am I right?  And have you been told this before? and how frustrating is that? … It certainly was when I first started my career in the creative industry. 

My creativity was eroding, my passion and health was deteriorating too.  I was living with envy and jealousy, depressed and I was lost.  I was probably like you sitting on the side lines watching other guys having all the success doing the things what I wanted to do, and thinking, ‘I can do that, but they must have some kind of lucky break or know a secret success strategy that I don’t know’, that inevitably left me beating myself up and feeling worthless. 

Then, one day something special happened that would change my life forever.

I bumped into an old friend of mine, who was training as a mentor and business coach and he saw how low and lost I was, and was really concerned to see what was happening to me (my spark had faded)   

He came up with the most profound metaphor for my life …he said, “Rich you fight for your hobbies” (I’m a martial artist so was training a lot then) “and your fighting for survival in your job and your personal life .. this will only end in one of two ways, you either win or you lose, so why take the risk of killing yourself and your happiness by losing …avoid the fight and do what you were taught as a martial artist and be the bigger man and walk away and …..believe in yourself and find another way” …. and that was my epiphany moment, when the ‘light bulb’ switched on! …. I realised that I had to make that leap of faith right then …. I found something inside me that was asleep, and in that moment, I knew I had the ability to wake it up and summon the courage to take a step into the unknown and finally take control of my future and put an end to undeserving people and my negative thoughts controlling it for me … I had so much more to give than what I was actually doing … and this was where my  ‘Creative Warrior Mindset’ was born. 

Now, fast forward 13 years, I am fortunate enough to own and operate multiple successful creative businesses. I wake up with energy and passion, I love what I have the opportunity of doing every day and I have created a brand that many high profile clients now queue up to work with.

I don’t say this for boasting rights I say this because, if I can do it then so can you! This is meant as a message of hope and a deep and personal message from me to you, a fellow ‘creative in mind’, as someone who has been where you are now, and has made that transition from a place of fear and doubt, to a place of opportunity and success, a place where my teams and I can continue to grow and impact and change the visual landscapes around us. 

I am so passionate about this industry, and the people who work in it, and from my heart I want to share everything I have learnt so you can become the master of your own future too, earn a next level income, and create the thing you love the most … its time for me to pay it forward to the next generation of amazing creatively minded people who are being held back from where they deserve to be!

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Richard spoke at my university last year and actually judged some of my work. I have recently graduated and have been struggling to find work, I was feeling really stuck and was doing exactly what he said by not following my dream (I actually took a job in a supermarket to pay my bills). I saw that he was doing a course, so I thought I would give it a try .. I’m so glad that I did.  I completed my mentoring call with Richard last week and I know what I’m going to do and what my NICHE is.  I’m now taking my first steps to starting my own business. I am so happy and feel like there is someone out there to help when I get stuck. Thank you Richard you have changed my life.

Elvina Mensah, Illustrator

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I have been working as a freelancer for a short while and recently hit a roadblock during the Pandemic. I stumbled upon this course on FB and took advantage of the Pre-Launch Offer that was running. I don’t normally leave reviews, but I wanted to leave one for this course because what Richard has put together is super useful, there’s a lot of information in there and Im sure I will revisit some of the modules.  I loved what he has done with the ‘Creative Warrior Mindset’ this is something that I’m sure is going to help me going into 2021. I feel super pumped up now to go out and smash 2021. Thank you Richard for the knowledge you have shared in this course.

Imran Husain, 3D Artist

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Initially I wasn’t sure if this course would apply to what I do, but it absolutely does! I would say anyone can apply many of the lessons here to their own business, no matter what you create or sell, but if you have a creative service then this is absolute GOLD, and the best bit was at the end when I got to speak to Richard (in person) which was great. He gave me even more information and advice on that call.  It is so obvious that he really cares and you will be blown away by the passion and the knowledge that he has about the creative industry and the people working in it. After speaking with him for just 1 hour I know I’m now going to invest in some more 1 to 1 mentoring with him, because he will help me improve for sure.

Fiona Hawkins, Textile Designer



Learn how to develop the confidence to finally GO FOR IT ! and condition your body and mind to help you focus in on your unique talents and direct you towards success and finally start living your next level life that you deserve and on your own terms, this doesn’t just apply to your business life but to your personal life too !



Learn what Novices and Pro’s do differently and how to apply it to your business right away to avoid costly errors that all start-ups make in the beginning.  We will show you how to approach projects from ‘Pitch To Payment’.  

*Plus we will share with you many ‘Pro Ninja Tips’ that our internal teams have learned in real world scenarios and then implemented them into their daily production pipelines. These are absolutely invaluable and will save you a tonne of time and money trying to figure it out for yourself, trust me I KNOW !



This is what most people get wrong and don’t quite understand what and how to do it.  I will teach you how to leverage the power of social media, online marketing and ‘word of mouth’ advertising, to make more sales with ZERO adverting expense. 

*You will build a huge rabid list of followers by using giving posts which will then convert them into fans and then paying clients. You will discover your own unique NICHE and then who your PERFECT CLIENT is and where they hang out, so you can spend more time focusing on selling to CLIENTS that love what you do and want to work with you, rather than potential CUSTOMERS who dont value what you do.



And then what do you do to keep FOCUSED and driving yourself fowards … and then what to do when things don’t quite work out how you may have thought and how to then get back on track or PIVOT to a new success. As this will happen to you no matter what stage of business you are at and may not just happen once because what we do is continually evolving .


You will additionally get access to our  mini course

WIN THE DAY! Which which will share some invaluable ‘PRODUCTIVITY HACKS’, which will help you set ‘YOUR DAY UP FOR A WIN!’ 


You will Become a Founder member of the ‘Creative Knowledge Broker’ INNER CIRCLE Facebook Group

This group will be a subscription based to all non-founder members in the future.


You get to have 1 x Free Live Zoom Call with Richard Watkins To go over any roadblocks you may have after encountered on completing of the course to help you actually go live and launch your creative business.

With over 27+ years working as an Artist, Creative and Production Director, Producer, Exec Producer, Recruiter, Teacher, Mentor, CEO, Creative Innovator and Entrepreneur and building a reputation for ‘Making The Impossible Real’ for literally thousands of ‘High Profile’ clients around the world. Richard Watkins became known in his field as the ‘Creative Knowledge Broker’ gaining the reputation of being the ‘Go To Person’ and a ‘Safe Pair Of Hands’ when it came to creating solutions for his client’s complicated content requirements. Having been blessed to have had experience working across every conceivable creative media and format since leaving art college, delivering literally 1000’s and 1000’s of unique creative projects and still being very much active in the creative production world through his grpup of companies , He now believes it is time to share his knowledge with the next generation of creatives and help them to find their own voice and courage to enter into this competitive market place and get success.  So he has created this online course and exclusive community where he wants to share with you all the tips, tricks and experience that you will need by developing a ‘Unstoppable Mindset’ to ‘Launch A Successful Creative Business’ which can make you a ‘Next Level Income’ no matter what part of the creative world you are coming from.


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I have worked with Richard on many successful occasions over the last 10 years. He is always quick to provide clarity to a creative situation . He makes the impossible sound easy and I often turn to him for professional advice. That, and the fact he is a true gentleman make him my go to Creative Consultant.

Marie Clare Westover, (Director) 

Lipstick London

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Richards ability to do what he does has forged a unique working relationship spanning over 15 years; working across a stylistically diverse range of projects. Richard is creatively imaginative, passionate, enthusiastic and a highly skilled individual, he goes above and beyond to deliver end results which visually delight and emotively connect, whatever the level of the project. Richard provides this exceptional level of service, he is professional and meticulous to a tee, always delivering beautiful results and he does so whilst also being playful, funny and a delight to work with and it is these qualities which enable him to go that extra mile.

Simon Gosling , (CSO) Quiet Mark

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I have worked with Richard and his companies for the last five years, using their expertise to help deliver comprehensive and complicated solutions for our own use and for our customers. Richard is a real pleasure to work with and combines both humour and knowledge to get the clients ideas across the line. This is a testament to Richards leadership enabling all of his teams to consistently performed above and beyond our expectations to deliver for example campaigns that continue to run at Heathrow Terminal 3 and other locations years after they were originally delivered. I would not hesitate to recommend Richard for any challenging creative project.

Dave Elliott, (Commercail Manager) Mellors

This course is a ‘MUST’ for any creative person who dreams about launching their own business. It ‘condenses decades into days’ and without doubt will ‘Turbo Boost’ you and your business to success.  You will not find this knowledge anywhere else I’m afraid, as it is exclusive to me and has been learnt through 27+ years of my personal real-life experience. So why am I sharing this with you now? …. It’s simple I have experienced many areas of this industry and I will also continue to experience many more, but why should I not share what I have learnt so far… so it can move others forward so they can make their own impact whilst avoiding the pitfalls and hurdles they may encounter along the way that may stop them ‘Creating’.  My reward for this is seeing your success whilst impacting as many creative people as I can to get up off the side lines and do what they are destined to do.  This could be the most important investment in yourself you will ever make!



We are so confident that what we have created will move you forward but you have to commit and make it happen because ‘it won’t work if you don’t work!’ but if for some reason you aren’t able to take your first steps forward to your next level in the first 30 days, then email us at and we will take care of a refund for you!



We are so confident that what we have created will move you forward but ‘it won’t work if you don’t work!’ but if for some reason you aren’t able to take your first steps forward to your next level in the first 30 days, then email us at and we will take care of a refund for you!


Yes. Absolutely if you are committed to becoming your own boss and take action and not just ‘dabbling at it’ commit your time to following the steps we have set out you will have done all the work necessary to give you a foundation of knowledge for launching your new creative business to the world if you complete all the modules in 30 days.


Yes you will get great support that will come in the form of a supportive community where you can communicate with like-minded creatives who will be going through the same process as you and we actively encourage you to participate and support each other.  Our co-founders and team members of the ‘Creative Knowledge Broker Group’ do answer all questions in the group. The community is designed to make sure that each person will always get their questions answered. However because this is an online evergreen course, not a one to one mentoring program, we can only offer limited personal support for any issue over and above any technical problems that you may have with the website or online course itself.


No, you you just need an internet connection and access to a computer and printer.


Yes, this course is designed for anybody who is serious about becoming their own boss, personally that’s how I originally started my journey as I didn’t have the courage or knowledge to go all in at that time, but I was committed and passionate about being my own boss and sharing my unique talent so doing it as a ‘side hustle’ is a great way to start off your business and find your feet.. but you do have to still go all in and DO THE WORK ! whether its full time or part time.,


The knowledge in this course comes from over 27+ years of experience, learning and working across all sectors of the creative industries after leaving art college. There are very few people out there in the creative industries who have this cross section of experience or who have combined the knowledge and techinques into one course. Please do take some time and look into me and my companies to see what I do and what I have done.


All businesses essentially operate the same way, so the lessons you learn can be applied  pretty much across any type of business that you want to setup and we try to speak broadly about many of the subjects so they are non-specific to any one particular genre of creative work so you can see how they can be applied to what you specialise in.


Yes this is an evergreen course and you will have access to all the course material and any future updates as we add them.



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‘Go From Zero To Creative Pro’ is for anybody with the burning desire to be their own boss, create their own path and launch a creative business. You could be a graduate, a solopreneur or an experienced creative, perhaps affected by the COVID-19 situation and hence forced to encounter your next challenge or anybody who is ‘stuck in a rut’ and just needs a breakthrough to get them to the next level but dont know how to do it or where to look for help. It would be my privilege and honour to be your guide, to share with you my experiences and knowledge and I would love to invite you into my creative family and help you unleash the ‘Next Level Unstoppable Creative You’