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So, this morning I was doing some meditation and there was a really interesting little sound bite that came up when I started meditation.

It was about trying to become friends of your minds. Now it really resonated with me this morning because it said our minds are a bit like an awkward guest we have staying with us.

You know, we can’t get rid of them, we must spend a lot of time with them, but unless we can make friends with them, it causes us problems and it did actually resonate, because everyone’s mind is the same, no matter who you speak to or communicate with, everybody, essentially, has the same mind.

We just think slightly differently, so, if we can try to be more friendly to ourselves and friendly to our minds and be more empathetic with ourselves, then surely that’s going to help us transmit that across to others and become more friendly to them, be more accepting and empathetic towards them, which in turn should make us feel a bit happier, a bit more relaxed and a bit more content in what we are doing.

So, I just wanted to share that with you because I thought it was a really lovely little thing, that analogy that your mind is a bit like an awkward guest and if we learn how to be friends with it then, we’re going to reap the benefits.


Learn to become friends with your mind.  

Those negative thoughts that you have, that apprehension, they are just visiting so don’t beat your mind up!