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Let’s stop giving pain and negativity a voice and let’s stop feeding it. 

It’s a well-known fact that if you use negative speak and negative words, it becomes your metaphor, your story, you start to believe it, and it becomes you.  

I have been actively trying over the last year to try and remove a lot of the negative talk and the negative words that I use and replacing them with positive ones.  

Now this isn’t some sort of hocus pocus mumbo jumbo, it really does work because we are driven by mainly two things: 

Firstly, the words that we use and secondly, the stories that we tell ourselves (the metaphors).  

As soon as we start to change these, we can start to change the direction where we are going. 

Consider it being like going on a long journey from, say, England to India. If you navigate slightly off your path, maybe only half a degree, and then further along you make the same mistake a couple of more times, you could end up in a completely different place in a totally different direction. 

This also applies to words and metaphors and feeding the negative words is like straying half a degree off your path each time they influence your actions. 

Here is a solid example of ‘don’t feed the pain’ 

Envisage, you are training for a competition like a marathon or something similar, you know you will reach a point where you will have to push your body to its extreme and you know it’s going to hurt.  

Personally, I tell myself, and I accept that, if I’m going to run a marathon, and want to improve on what I’m doing, there is going to be pain. 

It’s going to hurt, and I might even break myself, but on the other side of, it means I would have won, and I would have achieved my goal. 

To me there is no other option. I will always push to complete the tasks or the challenges I have set myself.  And this is the way we reach our goals.  

This is a three-step process complete the tasks, to meet the target to complete the goal. 

Now the tasks, in their definition, are generally quite difficult to do, and nobody particularly wants to get round to doing them, but without completing the tasks you’ll never get the tool to target, and without completing a target you never get towards your goal. 

So, it’s a strong thing to do and, except that sometimes there’s going to be quite a lot of pain. Quite a lot of stress or resistance of what you’re doing, but by the time you break to the other side, you’re going to get the result that you want.  

Now it’s time for you to start achieving your goals.  Start to clearly define your goals and then you can plan the route to get to them.  For each goal you will have a number of targets you need to reach, so add these as subheadings under your goals. To reach these targets you will have to complete a number of tasks.  Some of these are going to be painful so make an action plan of how you are going to overcome these and what help and support you will need. Now you should have a carefully planned roadmap to help you reach your goals..Good Luck!