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Richard Watkins

Having worked in the Creative Industries for over 27 years, I now run multiple successful creative businesses, which have given me the opportunity to work with some of the world’s largest brands and agencies (a few of which you can see below), creating content for TV, Web and Live Entertainment.

However, life wasn’t always like this and my journey to where I am today started from my kitchen table, as a solopreneur with only a passion for creativity and a hunger for being in control of my own future and working for myself, plus a little grit and determination thrown in for good measure!

Having climbed the ‘production ladder’ on my own and having to learn everything it takes to create a successful business myself (often the hard way!). I now realise how valuable having the right tools and advice would have been in supporting me through those huge first steps of starting my business and getting me to where I ultimately wanted to be (not to mention the time and money it would have saved!)

Therefore, I feel it’s the time for me to give something back to our creative community by supporting other aspiring creatives, like you, to reach their own business goals and achieve the success they deserve, living the life they want and making a living doing what they love the most. Hence, The Creative Knowledge Broker was born.

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